A Guide to Towing a Caravan Safely

It is common for people to see caravans everywhere as they have slowly become one of the most popular ways of camping even since the first caravan was commissioned way back in 1855. However, despite the popularity, many people are still unaware of the right way to tow a caravan. But it is important to know what is involved in towing it. In case you have never done it ever before, the task can seem challenging.

In fact, even if you have little experience, it is still not certain that things will go according to plan. You will need to consider plenty of factors like rain, wind, the vehicle, towing weight, the declines and inclines, other vehicles on the road, etc. This caravan towing guide will help you learn the things you can do to safely tow your caravan after getting it from a caravan designing company in NSW. Here is how to tow a caravan safely.

1.   Stay Focused and Eliminate Distractions

It is more than likely that you do not tow a vehicle regularly. This is why the list of additional things to be mindful of won’t be habitual. Thus, it is best to eliminate as many distractions as possible so that you can focus when towing. You cannot completely prevent a few things, such as noisy children. However, you can certainly avoid things like music on high volume. Turning off notifications from your smartphone will also help a lot. Plus, you should try to have frequent rest stops because you will have a lot of things to focus on during the journey, which means that fatigue can set in.

2.   Permit Additional Braking Room

It is a must to allow extra braking room as you are likely to take longer to safely slow down since you have a lot more weight behind your vehicle. Additionally, the aftermath of running into someone right in front of you will prove to be expensive and serious in comparison to just driving your vehicle without the extra weight.

3.   Stay Alert at all Times

You will need to look way ahead of your current position, particularly on narrow streets with man-made hazards such as traffic posts, other vehicles, etc. This is because such things might block you when you try to pass through. When it comes to driving up the hills, attempt to enable a little more speed on approach instead of too little. Basically, make sure that you are at maximum touring speed, which is safe or the maximum posted speed limit when you are approaching the hill.

Try to stay in the slow lane rather than staying in the overtaking lane at all times unless, of course, you are overtaking a slow-moving vehicle. When driving down hills, utilise the gears to have more braking assistance instead of always being heavy on the brakes. This way, the engine braking will slow your progress in a safe manner. Refrain from overtaking, but if you are doing so, permit sufficient room and time on the road that will allow you to do it safely.

Wrapping Up

Towing a caravan is not easy by any means, particularly if you have not done it before. However, you can do it by equipping yourself with adequate knowledge. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to tow your caravan safely.