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With the vision, and technological experience, we take immense pride in building and repairing all types of caravans in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Ballina and other major cities of Newcastle.

Whether you want to start your own business or just want to take your entire family to a great holiday destination, Onalite delivers top-quality and contemporary caravans to meet all your needs and estimated budget. From offroad Safari Tamer to Little Rippa, we build everything. Our professionals strive on creating designs that can minimise common issues related to traditional building methods by using hot dipped galvanised steel chassis, proper aluminium cabinetry, high-quality aluminium frame and flooring.

We also run a group for Onalite Caravan owners and those interested in our vehicles. You are free to join our group and discuss your needs, share ideas and enjoy holiday tours in the most comfortable manner. All members are warmly welcome!

If you have a query or want a custom-made caravan for your holiday tour, give us a call and talk to our customer care executive today. And if you are moving house in Sydney or suburbs, you can contact BRS, the cheap removalists Sydney, who are also our Patrons. They have a team of well trained & verified professionals who will make your moving experience effortless & stress-free!

Our Expertise
Our on-road, semi off-road and compact caravans are the best in New South Wales made with exceptional craftsmanship. Premium design, spacious floor plans, quality furniture, appealing benchtops and cabinetry are some of the key features of our products. We make all our walls to meet your camping needs as well with the draft skirt, curved roof rafters and anti flap kit. Our experts also specialise in repairing your old caravan at the best price.

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What People Say
  • We have received a high-designed caravan at the best price from Opalite Caravans Solutions. Thanks for your customised, robust and visually appealing design.

    Gail Sprunt ( Sales Manager Bond Cleaning Brisbane )
  • Opalite Caravans Solutions offered us one of the best products at the best. They delivered tailor-made design and high-quality on-road caravan for toughest terrains in NSW.

    Dwayne Green
  • The Company delivers the finest caravans on the market. It offers great features, a luxury design, comfortable furniture, and much more. Thanks for making our journey comfortable.

    Greg Rogers

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Our High-quality Caravan Repair Services

Keeping your old caravan in a tip-top condition and servicing it regularly will alleviate small problem and keep it run smooth for years. Repairing and servicing is important for a hassle-free and comfortable caravanning experience. Make sure your caravan can tow heavy load and we ensure that by fixing the issues. Our in-house expert will give your van a thorough inspection and inform you about the repairs if needed. If you are planning your next trip, then repair your second-hand caravan for a smooth experience. Our company understands that most people who own a caravan, want to discover, and tour beautiful places. We value the importance of relaxing, comfortable and affordable trip, and that’s why we offer customer caravan services at the most reasonable price. The team at Opalite Caravans, have years of experience and training in the industry. They can work with all major brands of caravans, offering the high-quality services and workmanship to give you peace of mind.

Affordable prices and guaranteed works on caravan repairs!

Our Creative Approach

Beautiful and Stylish Designs

Our in-house team has years of experience in designing and building innovative caravans using industry-leading technologies. Each model has its own features that can take your caravanning experience to the next level.

Opalite Caravans Solutions has always been delivering innovative and quality products in the caravan industry. Our designs are not only new but also help you build your dream on road, and that’s our promise.

Our Streamlined Process

How We Work?

Book A Van

You can call us and book a caravan as per your specific needs and estimated budget.

Deliver a Caravan

Our experts will deliver the van at your doorstep or you can also visit our factory.

Take your feedback

We will take your feedback and also offer you service whenever needed.

We are the leading designer, developer and manufacturer of Caravans in New South Wales.
Our company offers lightweight compact and affordable range of vans at the best price.

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