Our Exclusive Caravans


The style, design and in-built features of Safari Tamer make it one of the ideal vans for holiday tours and long-distance trips. It comes with an insulated aluminium-clad frame, and high-quality ceiling that can give you the same level of comfort on toughest tracks o f NSW. This is a perfect van for couples who love adventurous roads and tracks. When it comes to additional features, it offers detailed design, huge space and quality furniture to make your journey soothing and comfortable.


The look of GT Classic Caravan is simple yet classy. It is available in 5 different yet comfortable layouts. Travelling via GT Classic becomes super easy with this new design. We build fully-featured, air conditioned and premium caravans at the best price. If you are interesting in discovering tricky roads and highways, then choose this van.


Daintree is one of the stylish and plush caravans in our factory. It offers great design with tons of off-road features. This type of van is ideal for families and couples who love travelling. You can explore the adventurous roads and terrains of NSW while enjoying the luxurious caravanning experience on Daintree. Some of the key features, include, LED lighting, entertainment box with sound speakers, a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave, premium furniture, robust aluminium ceiling and flooring, and much more.


Voyager brings all the comfort of high-quality caravan with the all-terrain potentials needed to properly discover roads of New South Wales. This semi-off road caravan offers cutting-edge appliances, premium laminates, LED strip lighting, TV/DVD combination, 3.5T ALKO Enduro suspension outback, light corrugations, etc to simplify the toughest terrain travelling experience. To book this vehicle, contact us today.


Little Rippa is an off-road van used to handle the toughest tracks of NSW in a safe and sound manner. It offers a compact yet classy design with ALKO outback suspension,3 way fridge, quality furniture, robust ceiling and flooring, etc. You will also get a full-featured kitchen along with a grill, entertainment system with TV /DVD combination and reverse AC.


Sirius is one of the most beautiful caravans we build in our factory. This particular model has everything from visually appealing design to strong flooring, fibre glass sandwich panel construction to space, furniture to an external LED light, and much more. If you are planning your next holiday, contact us and book your caravan at the best price.

Leading Supplier of GT Sport Caravan

Opalite Caravan Solutions is one of the best suppliers of GT Sport in NSW. This model reflects quality construction, premium interiors, compact design and sporty look. It has an in-built independent Dexter Torflex rubber suspension and offers reverse camera for additional safety. There is also a washing machine, swift stove, microwave and Thetford 3 way fridge for you comfortable journey. With this van, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of New South Wales.

We Believe in

Maintaining the Quality of Our Products

Hit the tracks and explore even the toughest roads of NSW with your brand new Opalite Caravan in the comfort and safety you deserve. We offer three-year warranty on all our products to give you peace of mind.

We offer a huge range of caravans offering a ton of advanced and unique featured designed to deliver the comfort on the open read and let you explore the NSW’s hidden landscapes in our luxurious caravans.

We build each and every van with much care and attention. We take pride in our work, and that’s we have a pool of trained, enthusiastic and friendly team who love creating products that speak for itself.

With more than 50 Opalite service agents and repairers across NSW, we offer the best customer care solutions whenever needed. Give us a call and talk to our representative for further details.