Caravan Repairs


We Repair All Types of Caravans

We, at Opalite Caravans Solutions, are committed to offering high-quality repair services at the best price. Accidents happen all the time when you hit the uneven tracks. We make sure you drive the safest caravan and that’s why we thoroughly inspect your van and fix the damages and other issues as soon as possible.

You can get a free quote and we will gauge the damage and send our experts. Our in-house team members will discuss all the caravan repairing needs and come to your place with all the necessary tools. You can also visit our factory for better assistance. We will ensure that your caravan is safe and ready for a memorable road trip by checking roof condition, silicone, suspension, chassis and tyres condition, brake operations, wheel bearing play and signs of water entry.

You can contact us and our experts will answer your queries. We would love to assist you because customer


Caravan Hail Damage Repair Services

If you encounter a hail damage on your caravan, feel free to contact us. Such heavy vehicles experience such issues due to aluminium cladding. This can cause damage in a hail storm. The situation gets worst when tennis ball sized hail stones damage your van.

Though hail damage won’t affect the structural aspect of your caravan. It can damage the overall look and design of your van.

The team at Opalite Caravans Solutions has years of experience in repairing hail damage using advanced technologies. For more details, feel free to contact us.

Caravan Servicing in Sydney and Newcastle

Just like your car service, keep your caravan in great condition by getting it regularly serviced. You can hire professionals who can inspect the van property and fix small issues to ensure smooth and enjoyable caravanning experience.

After our in-depth service, your van will be able to two a heavy load even on uneven tracks with ease. We offer affordable servicing for all types of caravans to keep them look as new as possible.

For new vans, make sure you have it serviced after 1000kms. If you have a second hand caravans, service before using it. Thorough inspections and regular servicing will save major damages and give you peace of mind.

If you have got road trip plan this weekend, contact us and have your caravan serviced from us. We will send you an estimated quote and also inspect the entire vehicle for better clarity. For more details, give us a call today.

Our Renovation Services For your Dream Caravan

At Opalite Caravans Solutions, we take immense pride in offering renovation services to turn your old-fashioned caravan into a stylish and classy one. Renovation is our thing and we are here to transform your caravan at the best price.

You can share your ideas too while customising your van for the next road trip. We can add premium furniture, change the interiors, exterior glass, and much more as per your requirement. Make sure you give us 2-3 weeks to bring that drastic change. We will return your caravan in tip-top condition and that’s our commitment.

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