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Opalite Caravans Solutions is a leading company situated in the heart of Sydney, NSW. We are best known for building and deliver high-quality, compact and customised range of caravans to let you hit even the toughest tracks with comfort. Our production team can develop the spare parts to give you quality service. Since inception, we have been delivering all types of caravans across New South Wales. Our experts follow a unique approach and proven manufacturing methods to take the caravan quality to the highest level. Our company is known for creating simple yet robust vision. With us, you can experience one of the best caravan rides in the most comfortable manner.

What we do

The Leading Providers of Caravans

We are fully-equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver quality products across NSW. Our company strives on producing beautifully designed caravans for all types of tracks and roads. Delivering industry-leading caravan services is our targeted goal.

We will continue to push the boundaries of creatively and develop stylish, compact and comfortable caravans to meet specific needs and budget. We will provide opportunities for our community to experience the toughest terrains of NSW in the safe and sound manner.

We have a huge space for manufacturing all types and sizes of caravans depending on their specific needs and budget. Our exclusive range of vans and affordable repairing services are the best in NSW.

Our sole objective is to reduce our impact on the environment and proud to incorporate green initiatives at our factory. Being a responsible part of the caravan industry, we advocate and encourage our customers to follow green practices while travelling to keep our ecosystem clean and healthy.

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What People Say
  • We have received a high-designed caravan at the best price from Opalite Caravans Solutions. Thanks for your customised, robust and visually appealing design.

    Gail Sprunt
  • Opalite Caravans Solutions offered us one of the best products at the best. They delivered tailor-made design and high-quality on-road caravan for toughest terrains in NSW.

    Dwayne Green
  • The Company delivers the finest caravans on the market. It offers great features, a luxury design, comfortable furniture, and much more. Thanks for making our journey comfortable.

    Greg Rogers

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Reliable, Renowned & Responsible

At Opalite Caravans Solutions, we believe that a company’s success is not measured only in financial terms, establishing a strong customer base and making great contributions to the community are also play a vital role in business. We take immense pride in offering on-going support for national charities and local foundation programs for the betterment of our region as well as our country. Our unbeatable approach and quality-driven solutions made us what we are today. For more details, give us a call or book our caravan online.

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